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Responder Wipes’ founding team includes a fire chief who witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of cancer in the Fire Service Industry and recognized a need for action.  He discussed his concerns with a private industry colleague familiar with fire rescue needs. She had knowledge of fire stations being a source of contamination. The two decided to team together to learn more about why cancer had become a leading cause of death for firefighters and what steps could be taken to protect firefighters. In studying various reports, they quickly realized that cleaning up while still on-scene could greatly reduce the risk of exposure.

After testing out various wipes available the market, they found that nothing truly met the needs of the firefighters.  Among the products offered, they found consistent issues: formulations that were not effective at removing harmful soot, inadequate packaging that caused wipes to dry out quickly, and products that were inappropriately sized and lacked durability.  Nothing available on the market was effective at protecting firefighters from risk while still on scene.



The team devoted time to researching and developing a firefighter decontamination wipe to fully meet these needs.  In 2016, Responder Wipes was born.



The Products – Responder Wipes are developed by a firefighter for firefighters to provide on scene decontamination. They are uniquely formulated with Micellar Water, an innovative ingredient with cleansing compounds that dissolves dirt, oil, soot, and other hydrocarbons. Micelles lift away toxins and contaminants, and draw out impurities from pores while hydrating your skin more effectively than traditional cleansing wipes. They are available in two sizes. The extra large 12" x 24" Chief's Wipe is individually packaged and the smaller 8" x 8" Lieutenant's Wipe is available in a resealable multi-wipe pack.



Purpose – Responder Wipes is dedicated to ensuring first responders minimize their risk of developing cancer from exposure to toxins, carcinogens, and contaminants in the line of duty.



Mission – We are committed to developing and delivering quality personal cleansing products that are designed specifically for first responders to reduce the dermal absorption of toxicants and carcinogens they may be exposed to.

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